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Construction Takeoff & Outsource Estimating

Archestimating Solutions offers Construction Takeoff Services, material estimate & cost estimating services to the contractors. We make sure all our estimates are detailed, well-referenced & 100% accurate. Our expert team of Construction Estimators & Material takeoff specialists has a vast portfolio that revolves around professional construction takeoff services and construction estimates for both commercial and residential projects. That is the only reason many top contractors choose us for takeoff.

The company deals with all kinds of materials and cost estimates for residential and commercial construction projects. Moreover, the latest Software like Plan swift helps our estimators prepare the most accurate and fast estimates for any project. Our services are for everyone who is looking for material quantities or cost estimation services of construction projects. Whether it’s new construction or renovation of an existing building or site, we can do the estimates hassle-free & provide you a detailed excel spreadsheet that can help you tendering, ordering materials, and cost management of the project.

Takeoff Estimating Services

Construction estimating is all about taking some raw materials and turning them into something useful. The construction process can be broken down into many tiny steps, beginning with determining the budget for the project. Once a construction budget is determined, then estimation services can begin, including selecting appropriate contractors, preparing contractual agreements, providing site plans and drawings, contract negotiations, and bidding and determining prices.  

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